Never Throw Away - Elisabeth Heidinga
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Never Throw Away

Let’s talk material things. The things we own don’t have to last a season! We are meant to surround ourselves with things that have value, are beautiful and express who we are. If we pay attention to how things are made and where they come from we can make better choices…and yes, there will be a higher price tag for these things. BUT here is the good news. You don’t have to buy new. Why let go to waste what somebody barely used? Why should that item not get a second chance in life, love and be cherished by somebody else? I only buy things I fall in love with because I know that it will last for years in my closet or in my home, I won’t get sick or tired of it and it expresses who I am. People can consign and you can shop them for a price that works for you! I love that idea. You’ll never have to throw away things that can be other peoples treasure. Find your treasure at The RealReal I have my eyes on a few items already! #neverthrowaway #consignmentday

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