A Little Whisper - Elisabeth Heidinga
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A Little Whisper









I have never felt stronger as a mother. It may seem odd in the midst of the overwhelming emotions during such time. I felt brave to embrace and own it. I couldn’t help but validate it’s life, it’s existence and most of all that my love will never change for my baby. We have grieved over the loss, but smiled over the love that has always surrounded it. Our little tingle is safe, at the constant side of God, smiling back at us. This circle/ring the size of the little sac that I held in my hands – a loss of life but it’s soul is eternal. This 14K gold ring by Grace Lee is called The Whisper – “barely there, yet very much there“. It expressed exactly what our little baby is. It will always be part of us and our family. This Whisper ring has a little tag with a letter – we chose T for Tingle. It is part of my necklace with all my pendants for all my babies, simply because there was life that was cherished, celebrated and loved by us!

I am post-dating this post to January 25 2016. It’s the day we lost our little whisper at 7 weeks old.

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